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You can discover what we are all about by answering a few questions that are usually at the forefront of most people when seeking legal help:

1. Have you ever been disappointed by a lawyer in the way he or she serviced your legal needs?
2. Do you want to avoid such disappointment in the future?
3. Have you ever spent a lot of money with a lawyer and gotten very mediocre service?
4. Do you place a high value on trust and loyalty as well as honesty and competence in a lawyer you hire to represent you?
5. Are you now dealing with a difficult or challenging legal matter?
6. Do you want a professional who really cares and who really knows what they are doing to help you?
7. Are you disappointed in the legal system and feel no real help is available?
8. Are you willing to do whatever takes within the bounds of the law to get justice?
9. Do you know that he who sits on his rights loses them?
10. Has anyone or any company cheated you out of money or property that was rightfully yours?
11. Have you ever been wrongfully accused or falsely convicted of a crime?
12. Have you ever had serious marital problems, problems with your children, or difficulties in taking care of your aging parents?
13. Have you ever been mistreated, abused or discriminated at work?
14. Do you want a law firm you can rely on and trust?

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If you answered yes to 3 or more of these questions, we definitely want to meet with you to discuss the challenges you may be facing in dealing with very difficult legal issues. Nothing is simple in the law and you deserve the best possible help available. Call us.

The Law Offices of David Harold Beyer started a long, long time ago, when its founder, David Beyer, was a young man. His dream, although he did not fully realize it at the time, was to be a force for good in the world, after having seen so much sadness in his own family growing up. At first, he tried to bring his message of hope in the theater and then in business, but it was in the law that David found his true calling. Our law firm is committed to doing good wherever and whenever our services are needed and engaged.

You never really know if you have a friend until you truly need a friend to guide and help you through difficult and challenging waters. That is who we are and what we do for all of our clients to the best of our ability. In a time when officials have violated their public trust and jeopardized the justice system, you need a trustworthy advocate to fight to get the help you need so you can avoid being overwhelmed by incompetent judges, uncaring government and callous corporations.



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