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  • Administrative Claims/
  • Bankruptcy: 7/11/13/ Motions
  • Business Disputes
  • Civil Appeals/ Writs/ Fed/ State
  • Complaints/ Answers/ Disc./ Inspect./ Motions/ Doc. Prod.
  • Contracts/ Leases/ Agreements
  • Construction Defects
  • Corporate Liability
  • Criminal Defense/ Appeals
  • Defamation/ Privacy
  • Divorce/ Custody/ Support
  • Employment Discrimination/ Wrongful Termination
  • EEOC/ FEHA/ MEDI-CAL/ SSI/ SSDI: Claims/ Appeals
  • Expungement/ Crim. Rec.
  • Fraud: Business / Consumer
  • Government Tort Claims
  • Guardianship/ Conservatorship
  • Habeas Corpus/Fed/State
  • Immigration
  • Insurance Claims/ Bad Faith
  • IRS: Appeals/ Audits/ Offer and Compromise
  • Judgments
  • Juvenile/ Dependency
  • Landlord/ Tenant
  • Malpractice: Prof/ Med/ Legal
  • Patent/ Trademark/ Copyright
  • Paternity/ Adoption
  • Personal Injury/ Negligence
  • Probate/ Wills/ Trusts
  • Products Liability
  • Real Estate: Claims/ Disputes Buy/ Sell/ Quiet Title/ Records
  • Research/ Investigate/ Leg/ Fact
  • Trial: Briefs/ Motions/ New Trial/ Prep/ Vacate/ Venue

An Attorney Who Cares
David is the kind of attorney who really cares about his clients, and that means you!! He simply does not give up, under any circumstances, as long as there is a fighting chance to prevail. Whether representing a defendant or a plaintiff, in civil or criminal court, David searches out with uncanny accuracy the most important issues and key evidence to support his clients’ defenses and claims. He will find it if it exists anywhere in the case! Only when it’s “ashes” does he admit the fight is over. But few opposing parties and counsel have the heart to fight the battle to this bitter end if necessary as David does. Sometimes that means going against a Goliath law firm or a rich corporate giant, but that’s okay. The bigger they are, the harder they fall! Remember, that bible giant who was feared by all was felled with a simple stone slung from a sling of a young boy! All it takes is one accurate bow shot, and the game is over! Where and when to shoot is the key to a successful battle. And make no mistake, litigation is war, albeit with words instead of guns, but just as deadly!! You have to ask yourself, then-do you want a “David” to fight for you?



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