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Attorney Beyer Solves A Contested Case
Harold and his mother came to our offices agitated and depressed over a $900,000 judgment that had been entered against them. The judgment creditor was attempting to sell their family home out from under them to satisfy the judgment. Upon first impression, their situation was dire and there appeared to be no way out. But, carefully, painstakingly, and with perceptive insight, our law offices delved into the real facts behind the judgment which revealed what essentially was a fraudulent enforcement proceeding. We filed a motion to vacate the judgment based on the judgment creditor’s fraudulent failure to credit our clients with a satisfaction of the judgment that had previously been paid out a commercial lease that the judgment creditor had levied on in 1997. At first the court denied the motion, but after oral argument by Mr. Beyer, the court granted a $300,000 credit and stayed the execution sale of our clients’ home! Needless to say, Harold and his mother were at first stunned by this unexpected victory (having had a number of attorneys who had previously but unsuccessfully represented them). But, then, as they realized they had won, they became ecstatic. Harold’s mother, who is 80, was quite overjoyed and relieved that she would not have to face eviction and the loss of her home from this ruthless and dishonest creditor. Glad we could help!

Beyer Sues Sempra Energy Who Seriously Damaged His Client’s Property As A Result Of A Toxic Oil and Gas Eruption
In April 2003, a faulty compressor switch that capped a multi-million square-foot natural gas storage container at the Southern California Gas Company (a Sempra Energy subsidiary) facility in Playa Del Rey, CA failed and released thousands of cubic yards of oil and gas debris into the atmosphere near very expensive residential homes. Mr. Beyer’s client’s 1.5 million dollar property was seriously damaged as a result. Sempra Energy’s offer to clean up the damage caused by the 7 minute continuous toxic spray of oil and gas was ludicrous. The entire property may have to be replaced and rebuilt due to the environmental disaster. Sempra’s refusal to restore the property forced our client to sue!

A Marriage that Failed too Far
Rolande was struggling to keep her property and her three children fed and housed while she continued her 18-year battle begun in 1989 to finalize her divorce. Despite a court order granting her the property in lieu of back-child support, her ex-husband steadfastly refused to sign over his share of the home, in contempt of the court’s order! Instead, he continued to invade her possession by remaining in the back house (usually reserved for renters to bring in much-needed additional income). As if that wasn’t enough, he refused to pay any rent! And, on top of that, he fraudulently obtained what was essentially an improper and unwarranted money judgment against Rolande for alleged reimbursements for family support that he owed anyway!! Totally exasperated and emotionally drained by this long-drawn out case, and discouraged by the failure of the courts to enforce the property order, Rolande sought help from our offices in 2005.

Although it took some maneuvering and effort, plus several court hearings and head-to-head arguments with opposing counsel, Rolande finally got her property. Unfortunately, her ex passed away during this time. Sometimes, life is very difficult.

We Know About The Bitterness of Divorce
When David Beyer was 13, his parents got divorced. It was a sudden and heart-rending experience for a young teenager to endure. One day, he had a family, and the next day, his father was gone, off with a new found girlfriend, leaving behind a faithful wife of 20 years and two young sons. As in many families today, bitterness, acrimony, blame and shame, financial hardships, despair and loneliness, the unfortunate wages of family break-ups, soon followed. David was an A student, but after his father left, his grades fell as he slipped into despondency and lost his enthusiasm. Yet, who among us has not endured some kind of hardship, loss or pain? Is it not out of the kiln of these experiences that we forge a new strength? After all, what does not destroy us makes us stronger. Perhaps that is why David developed an interest in truth, justice and the law, having seen the tragedy of divorce occur in his own family. And it is a tragedy, make no mistake about it, despite all the Dr. Feel-Good TV and radio shows to the contrary. Often, the most forgotten but wounded victims of divorce are the children. What David learned is that the only way out of this tragedy is through it, one day at a time. It is with this insight, personal knowledge and understanding that we come alongside our family law clients to help them through a very difficult struggle. We as a law firm are committed to doing this, because there was no one there for David when he went through the break-up of his own family. So, you are not alone and we will continue to help you as long as you need us. It is with this firm commitment that we offer our caring support for your very challenging journey. Our goal is to get you from a stormy sea to a calm, secure and safe haven.

Although We Are a Small Firm, We Have a Big Heart

When clients come to us having been mistreated or abused by either a family member, friend, business associate, or even a corporation or governmental agency, we care what happens next. If the result of their dilemma has been addiction, divorce, despair or loss of income, we do what we can legally for them to the extent we are able to help and with all the resources we have at our disposal. And we try our best to keep legal costs down and affordable. In fact, we work with our clients on a monthly payment plan if they cannot afford a large retainer (which most law firms require). We are committed to fair treatment for all.

Our goal is to help you. Whether you are facing a personal, civil, business or criminal problem, we have a big heart although we are a small firm. It is not the size but the attitude that counts with us. And we are certain you will agree!!

Who Knows What the Future Holds?

The worst thing that can happen to any of us is not financial difficulties, or personal tragedies, or even death-it’s the loss of hope and faith that is the most destructive. But this nation was built on hope and faith at a time in history when there was very little of it to go around. Most nations in the 18th Century, when this country was founded, were run by kings or despots, and most people were forced to kowtow to those in power whether they liked it or not or face the loss of property, imprisonment, torture or death. The United States was and remains the first true nation of liberty for all. And where the goals as spoken and written in our national documents have differed from reality, we have diligently moved ourselves forward toward those ideals. In recent years, a bitterness, disillusionment and despair have permeated the national landscape. But we must remember who and what we truly are-a nation of free people and a beacon of light in a dark and still very oppressive world system. It is with this unshaken belief that the Law Offices of David Harold Beyer seeks to implement justice in every matter and case that comes before us. We represent people, not special interests.

Time is a great factor in anyone’s life, but in the law, time is of the essence, always!!

Now We Are All Facing Difficult Times

The current recession has most of us discouraged and feeling a bit lost. This has not gone unnoticed by the Law Offices of David Harold Beyer. In response, David has lowered his hourly rates and is offering more bang for your buck in the way of legal services. We all have to pull together in these difficult times, despite the fact that the rich oil companies and uncaring corporations continue to greedily feed on the American consumer. This has not changed David’s basic philosophy, however. He remains steadfast in fighting the good fight, in finishing the race thrown in his path, and in trusting always in Providence, for that is what built this great nation. Old-fashioned ideals, perhaps, but tried and true nevertheless, and which ultimately always prevail! David believes in the goodness of America and the American people, regardless of who is running the government. That is why the founding fathers wrote the Constitution the way they did. They wisely foresaw the day of unscrupulous government leaders, for no government is totally immune from selfishly motivated officials, as we have sadly witnessed in recent years. But we are unique among nations. The power to choose and change remains with the people, you and me, and it is on this staunch and faithful ground that we will weather the storm.



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